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Statement - Constant Resistance

In times like these lyrics might be misunderstood very easily. What words can do we`ve all seen in the news  during the last days .

Therefore, we prepared the following statement.

Our new single “Constant resistance” was written a couple of months ago. The basic idea behind the song is quite a few days older.

In our opinion lyrics are something personal, a statement you can live with or can stand for.

A part of your experience, what you have survived or something you can imagine for your own life.

The songs of Helltrail are a personal view on life and how it is, can or should be.

It doesn’t matter if you are a political person or not.

But when it comes to things which touch all mankind, no matter of colour or conviction,

it’s always necessary to stand as one if it comes to important questions.

Facts cannot be changed.

The earth is no longer flat, as it was believed 1000 years ago.

Only because you can`t see it, doesn`t mean it doesn`t exist.

Simple example: how many of you really have seen electrical power?

History shows that political and religious extremists have brought the world to the brink of the abyss often enough.


Just to make a long story short:

Always be critical and open minded, also question yourself and your actions as well.

As in the lyrics mentioned : “Better doubt every day, your mind and your way”


But don't get caught by conspiracy theorists, political or religious extremists

or “alternative facts”-storytellers.


And just a brief word:

Whoever might have the idea to misuse "Constant Resistance" for his own strange purposes, better hide behind very strong barricades!


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